AfriPads Factory

Sustainable Built Environments ENDS 3113; Credit Unit 8.0

This design is a proposal of a small industry for AfriPads (U) Ltd, a Ugandan manufacturer of cloth sanitary pads. The site is located in Kitengesa village, in Uganda.
AfriPads (U) Ltd proposes to develop and operate a light industry that includes a production space, offices, storage space and a guesthouse. The design proposes flexible workspaces with sufficient lighting and adequate ventilation that will ensure comfort to the workers, protection against dust and a unified production process with room for expansion.
The design proposes modular buildings with open plans that have the potential to be constructed in phases. The buildings are designed for long life and adaptability, using durable low maintenance materials that can be sourced locally. Openings will have recycled timber formwork shutters and glazed clerestory windows. The floor will be covered with clay tiles and foundation walls made with local stone.

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